ACT tutoring

Please visit the ACT Self-study guide page for our electronic resources. IDK Tuition will only be providing resources/ live sessions for the ACT exam in Autumn 2015. SAT provisions will not be made until Spring 2016. The course is only suitable for students with a GCSE maths score of C and above.


Best practice

It is strongly advised students attempt to prepare themselves for the exam as a first port of call

  1. Purchase the Official Real ACT Prep Guide. This is a comprehensive resource produced by the ACT exam board itself. The book contains 5 practice tests.
  2. Complete and grade at least one practice test. This will familiarise students with the format of the exam and allows students to identify their own problem areas.
  3. Decide whether external help is required and in which areas.


About the exam

The ACT exam is not like standard UK academic exams (GCSE's/A-levels) in which extensive subject-specific knowledge is required. 

  • The top students at GCSE should be able to self-teach these exams with very little outside help.
  • Exam technique is more important than subject knowledge hence preparation for the ACT should only take a couple of months maximum. 

The exam is split into four compulsory components- maths, english, reading and science.

  • The english, reading and science sections rely on a students reading ability, deduction skills and exam technique- only minimal subject specific knowledge is required for science. 
  • The maths section requires the most subject knowledge. Students taught to an A* GCSE level will have covered 95% of the content required for the exam.  
  • There is an optional writing section that is required by some U.S universities. Please enquire directly with your chosen university if you're unsure whether the writing section is required.